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YouTube Music
3.69.52 for Android

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Music is a significant source of relaxation and refreshment. The popularity of music entertainment expanded so much that it has converted into a vast industry. Due to the establishment of the internet, online music streaming services are getting blistering success in the field of music. The big names of this sector are Spotify, Amazon prime music, Primephonic, and Youtube music. The newest of them is Youtube music, and the reason behind its popularity is entirely free, resourceful, diverse, and flexible features. 

Youtube Music Apk Download

If you love music, you have to know details about Youtube music apk and how to download and work. Now let’s discuss it in the section below. 

What Is YouTube music

It is a music streaming platform that is developed by youtube to create music heaven for music lovers. The system allows users to stream their favorite audio track and audio playback of numerous genres. To join the community, the person has to subscribe to the channel. Google helped it to promote and make it a default application to android mobiles and also compatible with iOS. 

Features of YouTube music 

  • Free of cost but tag with ads. 
  • YouTube music premium serves ad-free non-stop music experience with a monthly charge. It includes individual or family subscription. 
  • The music is more natural to explore with lots of musical categories such as covers, remixes, and live performances.  
  • The application will always update and recommend you based on your listing habit.
  • It’s most impressive feature is that it can locate your position. If you are in the workout or walking, it will play the track according to your situation. 

How to download Youtube music for Android

To download Youtube music apk go to Google play store or search on your browser. The downloading process is straightforward and fast.

From the Google Play Store

  • Select Google Play Store from your device, and a search option will appear.
  • Type the of the application, and instantly it will show up.
  • Click on that, and it will start to install as well as take some time to do so.
  • After installing, tap to open and accept the terms and conditions.

YouTube music Latest Version for Android

YouTube music 3.69.52 is the latest version compatible to android platform. The features are almost the same, but basic ones such as streaming songs and music speed and diversity increased. To get the latest version update, do not need to download it again.

Old Version for Android

YouTube music 3.69.51 is the previous model having almost the same kind of features. But little change makes the count, and so to update the app, you have to press update, and it will automatically upgrade itself. 

Final thoughts 

Music is a passion, art, and as well as part of life. Youtube music understands the value of music lovers’ emotions and comes up with this streaming song and music platform. Now you can create a library of music. Set a playlist according to your location and work type. Life is beautiful when music in your heart and always stays with you.

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