Twitter Apk – Download Latest Version For Android

If I ask you to mention some top social media apps, then Twitter will be in the upper section of your list. Most of the politicians, professionals, companies, and celebrities use this social media application to update their news. The Twitter Apk brings the information of all aspects before you. So are you willing to know some more information about Twitter? If you are new in the Twitter Apk, then the information will aid you a lot. So, let’s start with us.

What is Twitter Apk?

Twitter is one of the most popularized social media applications. It is a world spread social networking site through which you can maintain your connection with the world. The Twitter App will appear before you with the worldwide news of politics and sports. You’ll also get your local and national news from the Twitter Apk. With this social media apk, you may keep up to date with the latest news.  

Features of Twitter Apk:

  • You can follow according to your choice and interest.
  • The Twitter Apk offers you the keyboard shortcut opportunities.
  • You may search the necessary GIF in the Twitter Apk.
  • It provides you to attach four images.  
  • You may schedule the tweets.
  • You’ll get some advanced searching features.
  • It offers you to pin one essential post. 
  • You’ll get the current information about the world.
  • You can build up the conversation. 
  • You may tag your friends.

How to Download Twitter Apk for Android:

You can easily download the Twitter Apk for your Android from the Google Play Store. The download process is very straightforward. For the aid of you, we are listing the download process of Twitter Apk step by step.

  • At first, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search the Tweeter in the search option.
  • After appearing the application, click on the ‘install’ option. You have to wait sometime to install the app.
  • You’ll get some information below the app. Read the information for your better understand during that time.
  • After the installation, click on the ‘open’ option. 
  • When you open the Twitter from the Play Store, the “create account” option will appear before you. By clicking the option, create your Twitter account.  

Twitter Latest Version for Android:

The latest and most developed version of Twitter is ‘Twitter 8.40.0-release.02’ for the android system. Twitter has updated the new version on 21st April 2020. The Twitter, Inc has updated the old version of Twitter App. The latest version offers some new exciting features. You’ll need 31.33 MegaByte to download the latest version. 

The latest version of Twitter Apk offers you some automatic settings. With the latest version, you may enjoy the-

  • Dim dark mode
  • Lights-out dark mode

Twitter Apk Old Version for Android:

Twitter frequently updates its versions. All of the versions are excellent to use. The previous versions of Twitter are- 

Within around one year, Twitter has introduced these versions. Besides these versions, there are a lot of other versions. It has 134 versions. The latest version ‘Twitter 8.40.0-release.02’ and the previous version of it, ‘Twitter 8.36.0-release.00’ have introduced on the same day. Before May 2020, there was Twitter 8.34.0-release.01 version for Android. So, we can consider it as the previous version. This version is also impressive, with its option to label the harmful contents.

Final Thoughts:

With a lot of exciting features, Twitter App has gained the reliance of the users. The Twitter Apk creates your connection with an easy one. It makes your online communication easy and exciting. Now, what is your feeling about the Twitter App? Are you now interested in experiencing it? Please give me feedback about your experience of using this popular application.  

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