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Microsoft Outlook Apk
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Sending and receiving emails, scheduling meetings, checking the calendar and fixing dates, and using MS Management, will take a huge space in your computer and android. So you need an app that will allow you to cover all these works in one place. Fortunately, there is Microsoft Outlook that will give all these apps together inside the app. In this review, we will give you information about Microsoft Outlook Apk.

What is Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an app that works creatively with email, contacts, calendar and many more tasks. You can organize all these apps together in one place. You switch your email to this app at any time. Also switch between calendars to create a new schedule for meetings.

Microsoft Outlook also gives you a focused inbox feature, where you can store all the important messages. It also allows you to share documents directly from OneDrive, contacts, and anywhere it has access with just one tap. Fortunately, this great app is also available for android users.

Features of Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Outlook can remind you about bill payments.
  • Microsoft Outlook officially made for exchange servers with lots of amazing features.
  • The best feature is Microsoft Outlook is better than standard Gmail.
  • You can schedule your meeting and note all the new updates on your busy day.
  • You can even access Microsoft Outlook when you’re offline.

How to download Microsoft Outlook Apk

Anyone can download Microsoft Outlook as the download techniques are really easy. Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded in two ways: google play store and the official site.

Download Microsoft Outlook from Google play store

  • Go to the google play store and search for Microsoft Outlook in the app.
  • Click on the first result of searching, now by pressing the install button; you can install the app.
  • Wait a bit until the Microsoft Outlook app download is complete. Now launch the app on your device and start using it.

Download Microsoft Outlook from the official website

  • Go to your phone’s browser and search for the Microsoft Outlook apk on the search engine.
  • Now, click on the official site of the Microsoft Outlook and click on the download option.
  • Wait until you download the Microsoft Outlook app on your device.

Microsoft Outlook Apk latest version for android

Microsoft Outlook’s Apk latest version is Microsoft Outlook 2019. In the new version of Microsoft Outlook, you will get new fonts and SVG support in it. It develops a new feature called focused inbox. With this feature’s help, you can mark all the important messages at the top of the app. The updated version also created a partnership with Lithiums-Microsoft.

Microsoft Outlook Old Version

Microsoft Outlook Old Version is Microsoft 2016. You will get lots of tools for Microsoft management, but this doesn’t mean it has all the updated tools of Microsoft Management. The old version of Outlook’s default fonts is Times, New Roman. It doesn’t have any SVG support and Focused message option. To get the update version, go to the play store and update your app.

Final Thoughts

We’ve informed you about Outlook, features, and differences between the new and old versions. Basically, Outlook is an app to receive and send emails, but you can also cover many other tasks in this app. We hope this review of Microsoft Outlook was helpful for you.

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