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April 13, 2021
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In this world of globalization, information and technology are leading the modernization. Among the info sharing media, video content sharing platforms are the popular ones and most lucrative to people. Video content is relatively understandable, appealing to watch, and more realistic in terms of feeling. Some of the household names are YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV (Instagram TV).  

IGTV Apk Download

IGTV is new to numerous people because it is new. If you don’t have any profound idea about IGTV Apk, then you are in place. We will give a brief description of the app for your convenience.

IGTV Apk Download

IGTV is the newest video application system launched by Facebook, which is developed by Instagram. It allows upload comparatively longer videos than Instagram. The reason behind this is to compete with YouTube head to head. It is compatible with android and iOS smartphones. The platform is already popular due to high-quality video uploading features like YouTube but in a shorter version.   

Features of IGTV

  • The video format is vertically full screen by default.
  • By using the IGTV app video will be auto-played.
  • The video contents support MP4 files and thumbnails are in JPG format.
  • You can upload videos from verified accounts between 15 seconds to 60 minutes. But in general condition no longer than 10 minutes.
  • The post can be liked, comment, and shared with other friends. 
  • You can upload a 9:16 ratio within a 3.6GB file size.
  • On YouTube, creators need and has his/her channel to upload videos, but on IGTV every can become a creator.
  • If you follow any channel or profile on Instagram, you can upload videos on that channel. 

How to download IGTV Apk for Android

Downloading IGTV apk is a simple process. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apkpure website. Let us discuss it. 

From the Google Play Store

  • Take your Android device, open Google Play, then search for IGTV.
  • The IGTV apk will appear tap to install. The process of downloading is automatic and will take some to install.
  • Finishing the installation, tap to open the app.
  • The features will appear on the welcome screen.
  • Follow the terms and conditions for verification, and then you will be able to use it. 

IGTV Latest Version for Android

IGTV is the brand-new version, and some exciting new features added to it. Live and stories are a new addition. With the live streaming of options, you can reach your follower in real-time by broadcasting the video in the raw version. But in terms of stories, videos are more editable, attractive and the time limit is 60 seconds. If you have an older version than an update, it doesn’t need to download again. 

IGTV Old Version for Android

The previous version of the app is, which has only a few differences comparing to the new one. To get a new app tap update and it will automatically update with the help of an internet connection.

Final thoughts 

There is no doubt that IGTV is on the rise in popularity due to its parallel connected with Instagram and Facebook. The unique feature it the creator doesn’t have to create their channel to upload more great videos rathe they can use the account they follow. In conclusion, IGTV has the potential to intensify engagement among mass people.  

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