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Facebook Apk Download
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Facebook is the most used apk in today’s world. People cannot imagine a single day without Facebook. Almost every person has a Facebook account.

We can write our thoughts, see others’ posts here. One can share his feelings, emotions, life events, and so on here. On Facebook, we express our thoughts through writings, videos, draw pictures, etc. Making friends is the foremost reason for using this app. More than five billion people are using Facebook Apk now. 

Facebook Apk Download

What is Facebook Apk:

Facebook is an application mainly for finding many friends. Bondage between people is strengthened through sharing activities. We can know how our near ones are. It needs about 42 MB. You can also use Facebook Lite Version to save data.

Features of Facebook apk:

  • Finding friends: We can make friendship with our family members, friends, teachers, relatives or even people we never know. Sometimes we can find our friends or dear ones with whom we are not connected for a long time. This app reunited many people in this way.
  • Status update: We can express our thoughts, feelings, and activities by updating a status. Facebook emoji can be used. 
  • Sharing life events or works: There are options to share our life events like marriage date, birth date, born of a baby, joining in a job, etc. here. So our Facebook friends can know about our important events of life. Moreover, we can share our writings, cooking, drawing, photos whatever we want.
  • Live videos: Many renowned persons, product sellers, arrange live videos to express their thoughts or selling products.
  • Play games: There are different types of games on Facebook. People can play these individually or combined by installing the games from Facebook apk.
  • Get notifications: When friends like comment or share our posts, we get notifications. There are other notifications such as memories, events created by someone or pages or groups.
  • Others: Facebook users can follow their favorite artists, websites, channels, etc. to get their latest updates. 

Another feature is, users can save their photos in albums.

How to download Facebook apk:

Downloading the Facebook apk is very simple. There are two ways of downloading Facebook. We can download it both in android mobile phones and on desktop. In android, we have to install it from the Google Play Store. And in desktop from their website.

From Google Play Store for Android: 

  • Firstly, open the play store from your phone and type Facebook in the search box.
  • You will find the results related to the Facebook apk. Then click on Facebook.
  • Then click on install.
  • It will need a few minutes to be installed.

From the website in desktop:

  • Type facebook.com in the search box. 
  • The website will be appeared. Click on install.

Once the app installed, you can sign in by accessing your phone number or email address and a password.

Facebook latest version: is the latest version of Facebook. It is updated on 26 May 2020. It is almost the same as the older version. The only difference is users cannot play Facebook games on it.

Facebook older version: is the older version of Facebook apk. It contains a lot of features that help us to communicate with friends.


In a word, Facebook apk makes our life easier, bringing the world closer. It helps us to stay connected all time wherever we are. 

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